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      產品名稱: QIAGEN-tip質粒提取試劑盒
      產品型號: C02-10023
      產品展商: QIAGEN
      產品文檔: 無相關文檔


      重力流樹脂柱,用于純化獲得*高達20 ug的質粒DNA 相當于兩倍氯化銫梯度離心的純度 可靠的高產量,達到轉染級別純度的質粒DNA 無EB,酚和氯仿,無需氯化銫 經濟實惠

      QIAGEN-tip質粒提取試劑盒  的詳細介紹
      QIAGEN Plasmid Mini Kit Specifications
      Expected yield*
      Column capacity
      Culture volume?
      Up to 20 μg
      20 μg
      3 –10 ml

      Note: For other miniprep spin and vacuum formats, See Plasmid Miniprep Kit Selection guide.
      * Actual yields depend on plasmid copy number, size of insert, host strain, culture medium, and culture volume.
      ? Culture volumes depend on plasmid copy number, size of insert, host strain, and culture medium.


      QIAGEN-tip質粒提取試劑盒The unique anion-exchange resin in QIAGEN-tips is developed exclusively for the purification of nucleic acids. Its exceptional separation properties result in DNA purity equivalent or superior to that obtained by two successive rounds of CsCl gradient centrifugation (see Figure "Ultrapure Plasmid DNA Yielded by QIAGEN Plasmid kits"). Pre-packed QIAGEN-tips operate by gravity flow and never run dry, minimizing the hands-on time required for plasmid preparation. The entire QIAGEN plasmid purification system avoids the use of toxic substances such as phenol, chloroform, ethidium bromide, and CsCl, minimizing hazard both to the user and the environment.

      Ultrapure Plasmid DNA Yielded by QIAGEN Plasmid kits

      QIAGEN-tip質粒提取試劑盒 Electron micrograph of pCMVLuc DNA prepared using a QIAGEN-tip 2500. (Data kindly provided by E. Spiess, German Cancer Research Center, Heidelberg, Germany.)


      With QIAGEN Plasmid Kits, bacterial lysates are cleared by centrifugation. The cleared lysate is then loaded onto the anion-exchange tip where plasmid DNA selectively binds under appropriate low-salt and pH conditions. RNA, proteins, metabolites, and other low-molecular-weight impurities are removed by a medium-salt wash, and ultrapure plasmid DNA is eluted in high-salt buffer (see flowchart). The DNA is concentrated and desalted by isopropanol precipitation and collected by centrifugation.



      Plasmid DNA purified with QIAGEN Plasmid Kits is ideal for use in applications such as plasmid-mediated gene silencing, transfection (see figure "Transfection Efficiency vs Plasmid Purification Method "), cloning, manual or automated sequencing, including capillary sequencing, and in vitro transcription.

      Transfection Efficiency vs Plasmid Purification Method

      QIAGEN-tip質粒提取試劑盒 Different pRSVcat DNA preparations using the methods indicated were introduced into the indicated cell lines by liposome-mediated transfection, and the efficiencies determined by measuring CAT expressed after 40 h. Each bar represents the mean of 4 independent transfections (2 transfections with each of 2 independent plasmid preparations).

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